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I finished NaNo. I wrote nearly 11,000 words yesterday, and I have 50,000 words that are terrible and need a hideous amount of editing to make them good and fitting with the rest of the universe.

Thing is, now I'm not sure what to do with myself. I mean yes, I have work to do and books to read and whatnot, but I don't want to do any of those things. I have been writing all month. I have ideas for more writing. What do I do with them?

I'm having fairly serious work related stresses at the moment, which is wonderful and just what I needed.

The house is actually finally getting somewhere. I have a mostly plumbed in bathroom, the kitchen still needs to be done, and this weekend me and dad are going to start moving all the furniture and stuff out of the storage locker. Where exactly it's all going to go I'm not entirely sure, as there's still stuff everywhere in places where there should be furniture.

Captain America comes out over here on monday! That's going to be my "you finished NaNo and didn't completely suck" reward (it was going to be shoes, but then I hurt the car and had to pay the excess on that, so no shoes this month).

When I'm nowhere near the posting page, I can think of stuff to say, so of course when I am near it, I have nothing interesting to write. Oh well.

Shower and then laundry, since I have an unexpected morning off.
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Well I'm not wanting to maim anyone who comes near me now, although I'm still not fond of people in general. We'll see how this goes.

Possibly I'm coming down with some kind of plague, which displeases me greatly.

My Ladies Big Bang project is really badly stalled, because none of the music I keep finding works for what I want it to do.

And all the writing I've been doing recently seems to hinge on identity issues. Which is, possibly, either very much saying things about where my brain is at the moment, or just there to irritate me.
I did manage to get some editing done yesterday, which was marginally useful at least. One day, something I've produced might actually be publishable (this is unlikely, I hate everything I've ever written and would rather keep it buried than ever actually show anyone).

My twitter feed is full of my workplace retweeting students who will be joining in a week or so, and they're all so, ah, interesting. (I have opinions about my workplace, they don't get vented in public)

(there was a rant here about not transposing modern expectations of race/gender/sexuality onto pre-20th century texts. I deleted for fear of being jumped all over)

I'm going to go and have lunch now, then off to MK. Oh the joy.
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I have spent the weekend with my boyfriend's parents. This counts as one of the xmas duties. It was bearable, just. I've thrown my ankle again though (and made it worse by then going sledging once we got back to MK) and now I've just had to cancel my driving lesson for this week, thus grumpifying my instructor, and I need to reorganise the lesson for the week after, but I now can't get hold of him again. ARGH!

I have hit 1000 words on my Yuletide fic and it's only got 2 more sections to go. I can totally finish this today, upload and finish the edits once the deadline is past.

My hands are really cold. Actually, most of me is really cold.

There is a kitty sitting on the fence next to my window guilt tripping me. It is the ninja kitty. It already got in when I was faffing around with the bins earlier, and now it keeps trying to get back in. It is very cute, and I wish I could have a pet, but it has an owner and my house is not very cat friendly.

I have cookies in the oven, and tea steaming in front of me. Soon I will brave the outside world to buy more milk.


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