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I am in this position where there is a job that I want being dangled in front of my face, but I'm scared to really want it, because every time I really want something, I don't get it.
I still love the uni, but it's getting to the point where everyone is crazy and there's so much bullshit going on that it's kind of awkward.
And the new job would be maybe cool, I don't know. I think a lot of it is that I do just really want out of the uni.

(life is currently crazy and annoying and all I want to do is the stuff that I don't have time to do, as usual)
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Work got done (although I still need to email it), sleep was had, words were written of Yuletide (but I am still engaging in that terrible feeling of BEARS) and I have sort of started to win the war against the lurg.

I have also seen the Hobbit. Helen and I have squeed over it, I have had thinky thoughts over one of the most insignificant parts of it, and while it wasn't the film I necessarily wanted of the book, I enjoyed it. Mostly I took from it this - since when were Dwarves sexy? (I blame Richard Armitage).

I have a staff meeting from hell tomorrow, which is prefaced by a pre-meeting meeting because my department is made of drama-llamas of the highest fucking degree. If I could, I would go in armour, sadly, I don't think that would go down too well. Nor would weaponry.

I should be in bed, but my throat is annoying me and I want to finish my tea. I also failed at dinner today; I got pie filling out the freezer, bought pastry on my way home from the cinema and then found when I got home that the 'chiller cabinet' in the co-op is actually the freezer, and my pastry was rock solid. So I had cheesey chips. Which was not the tasty chicken and mushroom pasty and veg that I wanted.

Right, bed, for I need to get up early and read the stuff I should have read for the meeting and then go to the meeting and not maim anyone.


Dec. 14th, 2012 02:18 pm
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Term is finally over. I have a staff meeting of joy on tuesday next week, but other than that I'm done until January 7th. I have 2 lectures of notes to type up, and then I can relax. Well, relax and panic over my Yuletide fic which is still in very flimsy note form.

I have a plan for the weekend which probably won't survive the hideous cold I have, but maybe writing it down will inspire me to stick to it.

Tonight I go and game the game of the wolfy. Our werewolf game, which is a farce at the best of times thanks to the makeup of our group IC - we have 2 werewolves, a Nuwisha, an Ananasi and a Bastet. We're hopefully about to gain another werewolf, but they're going to be a first time changer (and a first time gamer) and one of our wolves has been away for the last two sessions, so is currently err, probably trying to regain gnosis. Or sulking at his lack of technology.
I'll crash there tonight, and tomorrow will flee Bletchley without touching MK. Head home and get notes typed up for the last two lectures, and then maybe try and create something from nothing for Yuletide. I'd rather not default, but its been a few years since I've written anything fannish, and it apparently isn't just like riding a bike.
On sunday, which is dad's birthday, I will probably not see him, but my plan is to read Cold Days, which has been sat there waiting to be read for about 2 weeks, and I've just not had the time to just sit and read. Which sucks.
And then on monday I shall go and see The Hobbit. Which means I shall mostly also be avoiding the internet for the weekend. I've already had one hilarious text from Helen about it, something that she felt that she had to share, but other than that, I am unspoilered.

And now I am going to go and have a shower, in the vain attempt to batter some of the crud sitting in my lungs lose, and also wash my hair without having to dangle my head upside down. And then to MK. In the cold and the wet.

But I shall remain joyous, as term is fucking OVER.
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I really ought to be reviewing my source material for Yuletide (again, the first attempt lasted about 200 words before I hated it to death) or finishing work. Or cleaning. God, why is there always so much cleaning to do?

Instead I'm sitting here bemoaning how fucking cold it is. Because it is, and I hate the cold.

I have no idea what I'm doing for christmas this year. I was angling to stay with dad and Kay, but I've just found out that my step-sister and her other half will be there, and I'm not sure I'm interested any more (not because I don't want to see her, we just have nothing in common apart from the marriage of our parents, and I don't really want to have to put up with her and her other half being couply because I am bitter and single, or something). I was pondering inviting people over to mine, but again I'm not sure if I want to. Hibernating could be a plan, but, blah. Christmas is weird for me.

I'm quite sad that Sir Patrick Moore has died. We were talking about him in the office the other day, wondering what had happened to him.

Fannish stuff, because I am never sure what is a spoiler or not )

That's probably about it for now. I need to get on with work, and try and figure out if taking the potatoes out the fridge now will warm them up at all before I peel them (I hate peeling cold spuds). And possibly find a blanket, as it is bastardingly cold and I can feel my shoulder start to tense up weirdly again.

Oh, and I won NaNo this year. Go me :D
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I... overslept and refused to get out of bed safe in the knowledge that the student I was supposed to support wasn't showing up first thing, but still, in the end, dragged myself to the bus stop so I would be in work, just on the off chance that the office told me to go anyway (they didn't, they called me in to swap my thursday sessions over this week, so I have to go to Moulton College). The bus was late, and full of people, and the university is full of people with too many germs.
I sat through 2 human resources lectures without killing myself with my pen, avoided the person who I made a social faux pas at at the weekend while photocopying shit hastily between lectures and then ran to an occupational psychology lecture in which I once again did not stab myself with a pen out of boredom.
I spent more time in the office, which was fun as ever, and then went back to more psychology (for some reason they seem to like putting me in psychology lectures... I hate psychology) and learned all about family conflicts in relation to evolutionary psychology. Then I fucked off home, only to remember that I hadn't got anything out the freezer for dinner.
The ready meal spinach and ricotta canelloni was not impressive. But it was food, and it meant I didn't have to leave the house again.

This evening I have watched a couple more episodes of Arrow, which is, yeah. I dunno. I think I'm actually enjoying it. I might even poke at the fandom for it. Maybe. Fandom terrifies me these days.
I typed up some notes, I poked tumblr, I bemoaned the lack of boyfriend fit jeans which no longer seem to exist anywhere for less that about £35, which sucks, as I refuse to pay that much for jeans when they're probably going to fall apart.
I really need to repaint my nails (they're really dark green at the moment, but they're really badly chipped and it's now annoying me) but I can't be arsed tonight.

I have a spot on the bridge of my nose right where my glasses sit and it is really starting to hurt.

I should probably go to bed. I'm nursing Toll the Hounds for as long as I can. 70 pages left to go. I could finish it tonight if I really tried, but I think I'd maybe like to sleep. It's been long enough since I read Gardens of the Moon that I really feel like I ought to start all over again. But I think I'll finish the series first, and then read other shit for a while. And then do that. (Oh god my to read pile is ridiculous at the moment)

And now bed. Where it is warm.

Also, I woke up with Elvis Costello's Veronica stuck in my head this morning, and I have no idea why, as it isn't on my iPod, and I haven't had the radio on in ages.


Sep. 20th, 2012 04:36 pm
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After the amazing awesome productivity of yesterday, today has basically been the day where loads of shit went wrong and I spent a lot of time grumpy. It was however to be expected, as today is a Thursday.

I could give you a huge long list of all the shit that has sucked, but instead, I shall leave you with a book meme, and then go read...

It's International Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.

"Now she was Kimberly Ford only, or it seemed that way, and she felt daunted here on this ancient mound that yet gave the scent of sea wind here in the midst of Somerset."

(this book is one of the things that has been wrong today; I bought off GreenMetropolis, and the copy I bought had the right cover to match the other two of the series that I have. The one I got does not, and is not in as good condition as I was led to believe)
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I've just had the new timetable of students I'm (allegedly) supporting. Which include 6 hours at a campus that I physically can't get to in the time allotted, but which I've been told is only a penciling in and not to actually bother.
Half the module codes don't seem to exist on the system, and those that do are, um, thrilling. Lots of Human Resource Management and first year English. I have 2 continuing students, rather than the 3 I was expecting (whether that's down to one of them not carrying on, or if it's just a case of timetabling, I don't know) and one student who I know is going to be interesting.
The student I've had through freshers week has been nice, although it's been slightly awkward for various reasons. One more hour (possibly 2) tomorrow and then I won't see her again. Although her lecturer keeps wittering about her needing support all the time, but that's between her and the office, I don't know the ways of the timetabling.
I've also got a module that I am slightly worried is very practical work based, and it involves something I know nothing about.

Hmmm, today has been a sort of day off, and I've been stupidly productive. I've emptied the hoover, hoovered downstairs, organised the shoe pile, taken a load of stuff upstairs, made mushroom and ginger soup to freeze, walked to and from Morissons, taken stuff up to the charity shop after I finished clearing out my wardrobe, done 2 loads of laundry, 2 loads of washing up (and put both away), remembered both breakfast and lunch and I am pondering making brownies.
So yes, productivity win.

I also sort of destroyed another pair of jeans (wear on the inner thigh, which is how all my jeans die) which is a wee bit annoying as they were basically the only pair I had that fitted me. I need to lose weight, and in the mean time, find another pair of nice jeans.

What I haven't done much of recently is writing. I'm percolating ideas for NaNo, and I have one more adventure to write for PLARP this year, but everything else is a bit vague. I have ideas, but nothing very concrete.
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I have encountered a student who is the spitting image of my ex in his first year of uni, and a guy who looks like a dude I flirted with at uni, and whose name is Dean (and if it helps as context, both he and the dude I had a thing for look very much like Jensen Ackles).

It was my first day back. It's freshers week. It is like some kind of really shit circus and no one knows what's going on. (and my standard timetable looks awful and I don't have any of my usual students and the new office bod doesn't know that you' can't get between campuses in the alleged 10 minutes between lectures).

I'm really tired, and I was going to go for a run, but all I want is chocolate and my blanket and couch.
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Thats probably because my life is a crazed mix of exceedingly dull and hyper stressful at the moment. c'est la vie.

We're almost at the start of the larp season for me, so things are a bit extra mad right now, work is stupid because it's all essays and presentations and students having panic attacks and lacking any manners that they should have had beaten in to them at a young age. And the house stuff continues to progress. Dad was here tiling a little while ago, but kept breaking tiles so has gone home to be angry at himself (it worries me when I'm the more mature one).
Dave and I fled while he was doing this, stopping at the comic shop (the owner is currently away, so its safe to go in and buy trashy comics without being judged or irritated) and then Buddies for lunch, and I now feel fat. I walked home in the sun, and am now trying to do some work. Sadly the fact that the work is for someone who I don't really like is making my enthusiasm wander away.

Tomorrow is new couch day, which is far more exciting than it should be. Since I moved back in I've been using a beanbag and some pillows as living room furniture, which is about as good for my back as it sounds. But yesterday I went and bought a second hand sofa and chair, and dad is picking them up for me tomorrow after work! Woohoo! I will be able to relax without my spine hating me any more than it usually does, and more than one person will be able to sit comfortably in my lounge!

I really want to be writing at the moment, but work is sucking all the creative energy I have, and what little that is left is being used to write for the larp system (I already have 3 adventures to be written, and a ritual that needs to be finished fairly soon). Ugh.

The hilarity of the security guard at one of the campuses I work on who always accuses me of having fake ID continues. The plan this friday is to wear actual smart clothes and see if she still shouts at me (I usually wear jeans and a shirt, or jeans and a t-shirt, because my job calls for me to be comfortable, and presentable, and most of my smart shirts currently involve my boobs causing the buttons issues, and quite frankly, I wear clean, un-mangled jeans and non-offensive t-shirts and that should be fine. I've seen lecturers wear worse).

And now I'm going to go and actually finish this work, or there will probably be trouble, and then I'll get pissy with people I should really get pissy at. And once it's done, it's done and I can get on with writing and moving furniture about.
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I finished NaNo. I wrote nearly 11,000 words yesterday, and I have 50,000 words that are terrible and need a hideous amount of editing to make them good and fitting with the rest of the universe.

Thing is, now I'm not sure what to do with myself. I mean yes, I have work to do and books to read and whatnot, but I don't want to do any of those things. I have been writing all month. I have ideas for more writing. What do I do with them?

I'm having fairly serious work related stresses at the moment, which is wonderful and just what I needed.

The house is actually finally getting somewhere. I have a mostly plumbed in bathroom, the kitchen still needs to be done, and this weekend me and dad are going to start moving all the furniture and stuff out of the storage locker. Where exactly it's all going to go I'm not entirely sure, as there's still stuff everywhere in places where there should be furniture.

Captain America comes out over here on monday! That's going to be my "you finished NaNo and didn't completely suck" reward (it was going to be shoes, but then I hurt the car and had to pay the excess on that, so no shoes this month).

When I'm nowhere near the posting page, I can think of stuff to say, so of course when I am near it, I have nothing interesting to write. Oh well.

Shower and then laundry, since I have an unexpected morning off.