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Long time no post. I have been busy. With work and life and house and avoiding responsibility (it's a gift).

But today warrants a post... why? Because today, I get out of the sticks and back into chez Beth. Ok, so I still don't have a shower because the plumber may have cocked up the pipes and then plastered over it, and we don't relish the idea of pulling all the plaster out and redoing that shit. And obviously because of the pipe issue, the bathroom hasn't been tiled yet. Nor has the kicthen, and we don't have an extractor hood for the hob yet. And I could really do with another kitchen cupboard and work surface, but they'll have to wait. And the builders threw away the shelf that the tumble dryer sat on, so there's no telling where that's going at the moment.
But I have water and heating and an oven, and by the end of the day there will be nothing of mine left at my dad's place, which is just as well as I think Kay might be ready to just throw me out (I acknowledge that I am messy and somewhat set in my ways, and was only supposed to be here for a couple of months).

So yeah.

Woo and yay!

But for now I need to pack more things, maybe actually get dressed, do laundry and stuff.
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We had a quiet new years with board games and hilarity and then we went for a walk on New Years day, which was nice.

2011 was an odd year. Work was crazy, real life was stressful and nothing really went anywhere. I did some new stuff, but much of it was very much of a muchness.
I'm hoping 2012 will hold a little more resolution and completion.
I don't make new years resolutions, I never keep them, but if I were to make them, I would like to, by the end of the year, be in better shape physically and financially. And that's about it. Anything else is gravy.

I'm going to go and try and get some more of my room tidied up now, and put together the uber book post of what I read in 2011, because there was rather a lot.
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I actually put socks on to eat dinner. This may not seem like a thing, but I HATE wearing socks (and shoes, but people look at me funny when I go out without shoes, and yes, I did end up walking round work without shoes on, but that was a dire circumstance and I really shouldn't repeat it). But mostly I wore socks because it was cold. I haven't had them on all day which has been great, but its suddenly gone really cold, and I was wandering about in the kitchen which has tiled floor, so, socks.

Um, I had something else I was going to say. Fuck knows what.

So apparently there was Yuletide and fic and stuff? I don't know. I failed at having time this year, which made me sad, but I wasn't wandering around in a flail, so it's probably for the best (and given the events of december, I would have ended up defaulting anyway).

Why does Steven Erikson not like happy things to happen to his characters? I was all happy that characters I liked were doing stuff, and then I remembered that if they're doing stuff, it will probably not work out in the way that they were intending, and then they'll be maimed or miserable or dead. Or possibly dead and miserable. Or something.
I really should read the next GRRMartin at some point. I just sort of lack for interest or caring about the characters anymore (I may have made that complaint before).

I really need to stop forgetting about my glasses. They kind of make the whole 'seeing things' thing a lot easier.

Nope, I still have no idea what I was going to post about.

Tomorrow we have a house inspection, dad and I have to return work surfaces to Ikea and I need to find some new shirts, because I'm going through a phase of wanting to wear rugby shirts, but the only one I have tends to result in taking flack (its a very old Saints shirt) so I want some plain ones. And some new t-shirts. And jeans. I really need a whole new wardrobe but I lack for money and space at the moment. Oh well.
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I'm hungry again. In fairness, I haven't had any breakfast (apart from a cup of tea) and dinner was a long time ago. There is however, no food that I want to eat in the house. I'm used to there being loads of leftovers after xmas, but since dad and Kay didn't do xmas dinner, there aren't any leftovers. There are also no seasonal boxes of biscuits, satsumas or mince pies. Kay's one of those people who barely eats anything, and while I'm here I'm expected to follow suit. It's not really working.

I'm also supposed to be tidying my room, as they have a house inspection tomorrow. This is a pain in the arse as I don't have anywhere near enough room for my stuff (and this is after I cleared a load out) so it's all getting shoved into drawers and I'm getting sick of it.

Blah. I should go and dry my hair and check on my laundry and try and find some food that doesn't involve having to go out and use up petrol to get.
And I should probably pull all the xmas music off my iPod and sync it up.
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I am bored. This is not unusual.
I am hungry. Also not unusual.
I would like someone to make me a cup of tea. Very common.
I need more space. A usual state of affairs.

I spent an excellent xmas weekend at Chez Dave & co, where there was carol singing (in Leighton Buzzard), a massive amount of food (cooked by me and Dave, including some excellent roast potatoes) and the usual amount of insanity that comes from that house.

I got some excellent presents, and everyone seemed pleased with what I got them, which is always a relief.

I'm trying to work out if my computer is making strange noises, or if I can hear the wooden wind chimes from down the garden. I'm not entirely sure which would be more disconcerting.

I have about a billion and one tabs open, I'm about a third of the way through the 7th Erikson book (nothing bad has happened yet, but the build up to bad things is certainly there) and today I got to meet my aunt's new puppy, who is adorable.

And I think on the grounds that my father is ignoring my psychic calls for tea (I tend to get ignored once I'm upstairs apart for when dinner is up or I need to be shouted at for some reason) I shall go and make myself some.
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Dear LJ, your new comment layout blows goats. I like comment headers. They're kind of like the subject line of an email; usually full of guff, but occasionally really important.

I am apparently having a Bad Day. I don't know why though (well, I do, but y'know, delusions are wonderful things). Last night was fun; me and Dave went to see Sherlock Holmes and have a meal. The film was fun, the meal was acceptable (although the restaurant overcharged Dave for his meal) and it was a nice walk back to his place in as much as any walk from C:MK to where he lives can be called nice.
This morning I went and finished off a couple of bits of xmas shopping then trundled back to the piece of hicksville I'm currently living in, by way of a detour to Sixfields Sainsburys where everyone had forgotten how a car park works and were generally being idiots. There were lots of spaces free, but everyone was dithering all over the place.
I'm getting pretty sick of being here. I want my house back, I want my space back. I want to not have my stuff get randomly tidied away or thrown out (usually only empty wrappers, but in that instance, it was kind of important).

And thus we come to the other problem. I need my own space. I don't share space well a lot of the time. Its not intentional, I'm just like that

I had something I was actually going to say, but I can't fucking remember what it was. Hey ho. Probably not all that important.
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Still hates me. Today it's the upper part that is giving me issues. Which is probably to expected given how much I've been doing crouched over recently.

I'm currently bopping along to xmas tunes and wrapping presents. It's not really relaxing. I mean, I like wrapping presents, but half of them haven't turned up, and I'm slightly concerned about that.

I have a new phone, finally. And the screen works. The last phone I had, I've had for about 2 years, and the screen gave up the ghost, in that it would go all streaky and completely unreadable unless it was kept warm and had pressure applied to it. This sadly led to it usually being stored down my bra, or me sitting on it. Or occasionally at work standing with it under the hand driers in the toilets. But I have a shiny new Samsung Galaxy and it works and is pretty. yay!

We've had a bit of snow this morning, but it's pretty much melted now. Hey ho. I'm not a huge fan of snow, especially when I have places to be. I've never really driven in snow, and we live at the end of lots of windy roads that don't see gritters unless its by accident.
And I have to be a taxi service this afternoon so that dad can go to the rugby. I don't mind too much, but um, meh. It means that I'll be stuck in town for a couple of hours. Although maybe I'll be able to find some stuff for people who I haven't managed to buy for yet. (and nothing for me, I'm banned from buying books again)

The last week has been a bit traumatic, not for any real horrific reason, it just hasn't been great. But things are on the up again, so hopefully they will stay that way.

I'm fairly sure I had other things to say, but buggered if I can remember them. Possibly actually remembering to eat would be a good start.
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I finished NaNo. I wrote nearly 11,000 words yesterday, and I have 50,000 words that are terrible and need a hideous amount of editing to make them good and fitting with the rest of the universe.

Thing is, now I'm not sure what to do with myself. I mean yes, I have work to do and books to read and whatnot, but I don't want to do any of those things. I have been writing all month. I have ideas for more writing. What do I do with them?

I'm having fairly serious work related stresses at the moment, which is wonderful and just what I needed.

The house is actually finally getting somewhere. I have a mostly plumbed in bathroom, the kitchen still needs to be done, and this weekend me and dad are going to start moving all the furniture and stuff out of the storage locker. Where exactly it's all going to go I'm not entirely sure, as there's still stuff everywhere in places where there should be furniture.

Captain America comes out over here on monday! That's going to be my "you finished NaNo and didn't completely suck" reward (it was going to be shoes, but then I hurt the car and had to pay the excess on that, so no shoes this month).

When I'm nowhere near the posting page, I can think of stuff to say, so of course when I am near it, I have nothing interesting to write. Oh well.

Shower and then laundry, since I have an unexpected morning off.
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I'm cold, and while I know I ought to go over to the house and strip wallpaper, the idea is not in the slightest appealing to me. It's sort of one of those days. Actually, I think it might be one of those weeks.

Sunday evening dad sliced his wrist open when a plate smashed in the sink while he was washing up. Cue mad dash of him and Kay to the A&E at 11pm. Apparently bleeding profusely gets you seen far faster than being in untold amounts of pain. I'll have to remember that next time.
Monday morning, dad couldn't ride his motorbike because of the stitches, and I needed the car for work, so I had to go with him to work (oh god oh god his driving makes me have panic attacks) and then take the car home (oh god Brackmills, why must you suck so much) and then go to work (oh god, student, why don't you tell me that you're not turning up).
Yesterday was student being pissy, student not showing up (the same one, who did then text to say she was sorry she hadn't told me that she wouldn't be in), and then student being pissy and rude to the lecturer by doing research for another essay while he was trying to lead a discussion on Ezra Pound's poems. I mean, I have no great love for Pound, but she knows about manners, we've had discussions about them, and she has plenty of time to get her essays done without being quite so rude.
Today is a suprise day off due to student not being in, which makes up for the fact that tomorrow I have to go in, no doubt be stood up by a student, then cover a midwifery lecture for which I have had the disturbing content warning and "we can provide counselling afterwards" talk when I went to the office the other day. And then 3 hours of sitting doing nothing. Woo.

I'm getting a bit fed up of the way that lecturers are now basically telling students everything that needs to go into an essay, almost to the point of a paragraph by paragraph breakdown. In the first year, for the first couple of essays, maybe, to get them into the swing of things, but these are second years now, and if they don't know how to construct an essay and how to analyse a piece of text, then I think all hope might be lost. And it's not like the grading is really harsh, most always seemed to come out with at least a C- last year. It seems to be more the English department that does it, and that makes me feel even worse, as we never got that sort of help when I was at uni, and it feels like these people are going to come out with higher degrees, having done less work than me, which sucks.

The up side of today is that I have Panga the panda back. She is all shiny and without dents or a buckled wheel rim. And I now owe dad £250 and we have to have a 'talk' about money. I may be hiding upstairs later. I suspect a steep rise in rent is coming my way, or the announcement that I will be getting a housemate when I move back. Joy.

There are goldfinches on the feeder again, and I'm thinking I should go and get garlic bread for dinner and maybe forage for some lunch. And then there is to be an Iron Man watching session.
And maybe I will remember to do the tiny bit of work typing that has been sitting on the table all morning looking sad and pitiful.

And I should probably crack on with NaNo, as I've not written anything since saturday. oops.
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Well, LJ is being a bitch, which is nice for it, and a pain in the arse for me who was trying to find something. Oh well.
I'm not doing Yuletide this year, I think. Last year was fun, in fact, all the years have been fun, but I'm not sure I've got the time to do it. Last Yuletide was the last time I wrote anything remotely fannish. I might see what fandoms get nominated, but it's doubtful.
Nano is going well. I'm on target, and for once, actually writing linearly, which is quite odd. I'm not sure that what I'm writing is really where I want the story to go, but it's going somewhere in a not terrible direction.

Work continues to be crazy. Most of the departments have had reading week this week, so I've not actually been in. I showed up yesterday for a student who didn't turn up (again) and then sit in a session notetaking when the group is working on assignments, so there wasn't actually anything for me to do. I read a lot of my book.
I also sat in on a cover session for music production on wednesday taught by tone of my old english teachers from college, which was weird.
It does mean that I haven't had to sit through any sessions with the stupid "Hitler was an anti-hero and wasn't that bad until he got into power" and "I don't know what 'interspersed' and 'puritanical' mean so I wouldn't bother reading it" girl. She annoys me no end. She's a smartarse who really isn't very smart. Thankfully though she's not someone I have to deal with, just tolerate in classes.

And I've just realised that the guy in the John West tuna adverts is Mr Cotton (without Mr Cottons parrot) from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. D'oh.

LARP season is over. This sunday is a ref meet, next sunday is a finish off adventure for the last even of the year which we sort of didn't finish properly.

I really don't like the new Gmail. It looks weird and it's slow as all hell to load.

I do have opinions on the whole Fifa not letting the english team wear poppies, and for once, I actually agreed with a football commentator on the radion, who made the point that this is the first time that the team have ever asked to wear poppies in international games, so it's obviously not that important to them.
I am going to mostly keep quiet though, since my opinions on these things lean towards the unpopular and unpatriotic, and they tend to land me in arguments (especially on Facebook, where I have an awful lot of overly patriotic idiots spouting an awful lot of racist shit an awful lot of the time).

And the news informs me that the African black rhino is officially extinct. That's really quite sad.

The house is finally taking shape. The bathroom and kitchen are painted, the floors are in, and the bathroom is being plumbed in on saturday (and possibly the kitchen, I'm not sure exactly the details on that). My bedroom is still only half stripped, but it's getting there, and soon I will be able to start moving my stuff back in. Which will be nice.

I should probably go and get ready for work. Joy.