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I had a brief half hour or so this evening (that may have been prompted by how foul I felt after eating pizza) of misery.
Because mum never got to see The Lord of the Rings films. Nor will she ever see the Hobbit films. Whether she would have cared or not, I'm not entirely sure, she was fairly ambivalent to the Fellowship of the Ring when it came out (although that could be said to be her attitude towards pretty much everything by that point). I vaguely remember her mocking my Sean Bean thing, and I'm fairly sure she made approving noises about Viggo Mortensen, but I am fairly sure she would approve of Richard Armitage.

What's weird is that I know I had a copy of The Hobbit when I was little (I still have it, it's illustrated with some really trippy illustrations) but I don't remember who read it to me. I assume mum, but I'm not entirely sure, and I don't like asking dad that sort of thing as he gets a bit weird (understandably) and there is always the chance that I read it to myself once I got old enough to do anything other than just look at the pictures.

Anyway, that was the cheer for the evening. I've spent most of the evening editing content for updates for the LARP system, I said I was going to bed about an hour ago, and then got distracted.

Sleep, I hear it is good for you...


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