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It's fairly safe to say that February is a shit month for me, for a multitude of reasons. This year, in all, hasn't actually been that bad, but apparently now, as I sit on the cusp of it turning to March, I have flipped from being relatively mellow to the desperate need to punch someone's face in. It totally makes sense (or not).

Work is hell, as evidenced by the fact that I got sent to Moulton campus for the afternoon today with about an hour's notice. I got lucky on the buses (but not so lucky that I bumped into current object of pointless lusting #1) and actually managed to get there in time. I sat through one lecture, had lunch, and then found that the second lecture had just vanished. No idea what happened there (there are a couple of theories, which suck for the student, but I really can't be bothered to complain as I still get paid and it meant I could get a sensible bus home instead of having to get the uni service to Park campus and then the bus from there home).

I have done approximately nothing this evening. I couldn't even be bothered to cook a proper dinner. I'm watching Being Human from the start (I tried watching it when it first started and could not get into it, apparently I have grown, or something, or I am just that fucking shallow...)
I'm also rationing myself on The Almighty Johnsons. I have 3 more episodes to watch, and while I am spoiled, I am unwilling to finish. Also the fact that I'm going to have to watch it on my computer as my TV has decided it doesn't like that file type or some such nonsense. The same goes for Game of Thrones. Ugh.

I have a desperate want to put together a new character for some sort of LARP. Actually, I just want to do costuming things, which is ridiculous. I want to make stuff, but I have so little time, and I am so drained by work at the moment that when I get in, the best I can do is make dinner and zone out in front of the TV or computer, which does my head in.

And that seems to be my life at the moment.

Go me.
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I ate half a packet of oreos for breakfast (because I couldn't be bothered with cereal) and now I am vibrating. Sugar and me really don't mix very well. I'm going to head into town (I ordered a shoe rack, how grownup is that?) because I need to pick up an HDMI cable, aforementioned shoe rack and some more freezer tubs for the excess of food I made from the remains of the xmas chicken (2 pans of soup and one pan of curry).
And write. I have an awful lot of LARP related stuff that needs writing, including a vaguely norse wedding ceremony sort of thing.

And I need to stop bouncing. And looking at Tumblr because I'm fairly sure that my neighbours by now think I am crazy (this is a given, one set knows me, the other side just has be return their cat occasionally and hands me parcels that get left with them).

I also appear to have lost my Photoshop-fu. The muscles have atrophied. Woe is me.

So, life

Nov. 18th, 2012 12:24 pm
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The last few weeks have been a bit odd. Not always in a bad way, I've just not really had time for much, and my mind has been kind of wonky anyway. But I'm hoping things are now on the upswing.
Dave and I split up, which is nowhere near as terrible as people seem to think. It was mutual, and it's a bit weird, but it happens.
Work is hell at the moment.
The house is still a state, but it's getting there. I'm finally managing to get on top of keeping it tidy thanks to Unfuck Your Habitat, which is awesome. The bathroom is almost finished and we have stuff to start wallpapering and plastering my room and then repainting. It'll get there.
Money is tight, but it always is this time of year. It's one of the downfalls of not working over the summer.

The LARP season is over and we're onto system updates (new spells in, checking things are right in the manual, making sure characters are up to date, playing with some of the new setting stuff) and I'm actually itching for it to be next year already. Not just for PLARP, but for other bits and pieces.

I'm almost finished Toll the Hounds. I really haven't read as much as I would have liked this year. I set out with the goal of 60 books but have had to be sensible and cut that back to 50. I haven't been reading a lot of comics this year, which is possibly part of the reason the number is so low (I usually only read trades paperbacks, which totally count) and work is so manic that I barely have a lunch break to read in most days.
Work is doing a number on my back and shoulders and hand thanks to stupid chairs, a lack of tables in half the rooms I work in and the belief that I can sit and write for 4 hours straight (I put my foot down and refused to work more than 4 hours in a row, they weren't happy with me, but with the amount of typing I also have to do for work, I'm just waiting for the wrist and hand issues to start up).

I am doing NaNo this year, although I'm horribly behind. Mostly due to the lack of lunch breaks and the fact that I get in and it's all I can do to check e-mail, blogs and such and eat dinner before I pass out. The write ins at MK library have been godsends of a weekend, and when I do manage to write, the plot is churning out fairly easily. It's just finding the time.

Anyway, today is a beautiful crisp clear cold day, I had a nice lie in after staying up too late last night reading (and after stomping home from the train station because I made a social interaction fuck up (at least in my head, the other person quite possibly didn't even notice) which made me sulk, and my bag came undone halfway home and I didn't notice, but thankfully I didn't lose anything (although I thought I had lost Pygmy-Pygmy my tiny plushie dinosaur)) and now I'm pottering around the house tidying things up, doing odd bits of work typing and doing the odd bit of NaNo. I need to go and buy veg for dinner, and I might go for a walk later, but all in all, today is ok.


Jul. 2nd, 2012 12:14 pm
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I seem to title too many posts variations of "oww". Oh well.

Weekend just gone was amazing. It was also wet and horrible and muddy, but mostly just amazing. I fought in some excellent battles and then by the end of the weekend had agreed to become my group's priest, so a complete change next event.
It might be for the best. I've got interesting shaped sunburn across my shoulders from wearing armour which is actually really fucking painful, just wearing a soft t-shirt. I've got steri-strips holding a chunk of my knee in place after I slipped in the rain and then didn't realise I was bleeding until I was halfway through getting armour on, and then most of Saturday and all of yesterday was spent walking round a swamp after torrential rain. I've ruined one pair of shoes and lost another, and my feet were caked in mud (I eventually gave up on shoes for everything but arena fighting, as it was actually safer walking barefoot). My bad ankle has swollen up and I can't move three of the toes on that foot properly (and they weren't even the toes that got trodden on).
My group are amazing and despite my usual round of "oh god oh god people" I had a really great time. Especially the several hours I spent (sober) in the bar, talking to random people and avoiding the rain.

Anyway, I still stink of woodsmoke, I really want a bath but the shower is dripping and I'm waiting for a plumber to show up. I need to post some ebay packages and I have an all day training course tomorrow on how to do my job. Joy.

I've also run out of teabags. Bugger. Oh well, I suppose this means I have to go out in the rain.
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Things I should be doing today... checking and fixing kit for the weekend.
What I am doing today... curling up in a chair with a book.
Things I am not doing today... checking and fixing kit for the weekend.
Things I am doing today... poking at the internet and going "oooh, if I had a bit more material that would be really easy to make"

Things I do not need right now... a repeat of what happened before the last Odyssey event, where I was hand sewing costume in my dad's living room about 3 hours before I went to pick Dave up.
I know that some of it needs the seams neatening up with a machine (I had no access to a machine when I made it) but I've learnt much in the last few months, I could do so much better this time! I really don't have the time (or the material at the moment, everything I have is the wrong colour or type of cloth).


Jun. 25th, 2012 09:11 pm
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Today I made cake and drank cider. I wish I could say that actually there was more to it than that, but really, it is about it. I made a cake which I now don't want to eat (it was a test cake) and had cider with my dinner. And did some washing up.

Dave is telling me that I should have worked out what I was doing at Odyssey before I booked. I know what I'm doing; ignoring the fact that I really shouldn't fight this event and living in the hope that there can be some kind of emergency armour purchasing. I got paid today, it's fine.
It doesn't help that Panga has broken and may not be functioning in time to get us to the event. This will make things awkward to say the least. Dad should know by tomorrow what the state of play is.

Umm, yeah. I think I'm going to go and read or something. Or play Diablo II. And mostly not think about the state of the kitchen. Oops.

And I forgot I'd started to write this. Oops.


Jun. 18th, 2012 10:55 am
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So I'm not going to say that I'm sane again, but I'm better than I was. The sun is shining (at the moment), I'm no longer covered in blue facepaint (excellent day of LARP yesterday) and I'm getting things done.
The dress that I bought on wednesday in a fit of madness has also arrived and is thankfully not ridiculously cleavage revealing, so can (as I hoped) be worn for work.

Now I just need to catch up on the pile of writing that needs typing (or doing, full stop) and get on with housework. And unload the car. I was supposed to take it back last night but we didn't finish early enough and then I had to drive home in the driving rain and I think dad might be a bit miffed because he probably got wet going to work this morning on the bike. Oops.

Hooo boy

Apr. 17th, 2012 10:20 am
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Today I have things to do. I wasted yesterday pissing about with my music collection, but I have a ritual to finish, the sacrifice props to make and a load of beanbags to make. Oops. These all have to be done by friday afternoon, and I have a staff meeting for two hours tomorrow.

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Thats probably because my life is a crazed mix of exceedingly dull and hyper stressful at the moment. c'est la vie.

We're almost at the start of the larp season for me, so things are a bit extra mad right now, work is stupid because it's all essays and presentations and students having panic attacks and lacking any manners that they should have had beaten in to them at a young age. And the house stuff continues to progress. Dad was here tiling a little while ago, but kept breaking tiles so has gone home to be angry at himself (it worries me when I'm the more mature one).
Dave and I fled while he was doing this, stopping at the comic shop (the owner is currently away, so its safe to go in and buy trashy comics without being judged or irritated) and then Buddies for lunch, and I now feel fat. I walked home in the sun, and am now trying to do some work. Sadly the fact that the work is for someone who I don't really like is making my enthusiasm wander away.

Tomorrow is new couch day, which is far more exciting than it should be. Since I moved back in I've been using a beanbag and some pillows as living room furniture, which is about as good for my back as it sounds. But yesterday I went and bought a second hand sofa and chair, and dad is picking them up for me tomorrow after work! Woohoo! I will be able to relax without my spine hating me any more than it usually does, and more than one person will be able to sit comfortably in my lounge!

I really want to be writing at the moment, but work is sucking all the creative energy I have, and what little that is left is being used to write for the larp system (I already have 3 adventures to be written, and a ritual that needs to be finished fairly soon). Ugh.

The hilarity of the security guard at one of the campuses I work on who always accuses me of having fake ID continues. The plan this friday is to wear actual smart clothes and see if she still shouts at me (I usually wear jeans and a shirt, or jeans and a t-shirt, because my job calls for me to be comfortable, and presentable, and most of my smart shirts currently involve my boobs causing the buttons issues, and quite frankly, I wear clean, un-mangled jeans and non-offensive t-shirts and that should be fine. I've seen lecturers wear worse).

And now I'm going to go and actually finish this work, or there will probably be trouble, and then I'll get pissy with people I should really get pissy at. And once it's done, it's done and I can get on with writing and moving furniture about.
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Well, LJ is being a bitch, which is nice for it, and a pain in the arse for me who was trying to find something. Oh well.
I'm not doing Yuletide this year, I think. Last year was fun, in fact, all the years have been fun, but I'm not sure I've got the time to do it. Last Yuletide was the last time I wrote anything remotely fannish. I might see what fandoms get nominated, but it's doubtful.
Nano is going well. I'm on target, and for once, actually writing linearly, which is quite odd. I'm not sure that what I'm writing is really where I want the story to go, but it's going somewhere in a not terrible direction.

Work continues to be crazy. Most of the departments have had reading week this week, so I've not actually been in. I showed up yesterday for a student who didn't turn up (again) and then sit in a session notetaking when the group is working on assignments, so there wasn't actually anything for me to do. I read a lot of my book.
I also sat in on a cover session for music production on wednesday taught by tone of my old english teachers from college, which was weird.
It does mean that I haven't had to sit through any sessions with the stupid "Hitler was an anti-hero and wasn't that bad until he got into power" and "I don't know what 'interspersed' and 'puritanical' mean so I wouldn't bother reading it" girl. She annoys me no end. She's a smartarse who really isn't very smart. Thankfully though she's not someone I have to deal with, just tolerate in classes.

And I've just realised that the guy in the John West tuna adverts is Mr Cotton (without Mr Cottons parrot) from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. D'oh.

LARP season is over. This sunday is a ref meet, next sunday is a finish off adventure for the last even of the year which we sort of didn't finish properly.

I really don't like the new Gmail. It looks weird and it's slow as all hell to load.

I do have opinions on the whole Fifa not letting the english team wear poppies, and for once, I actually agreed with a football commentator on the radion, who made the point that this is the first time that the team have ever asked to wear poppies in international games, so it's obviously not that important to them.
I am going to mostly keep quiet though, since my opinions on these things lean towards the unpopular and unpatriotic, and they tend to land me in arguments (especially on Facebook, where I have an awful lot of overly patriotic idiots spouting an awful lot of racist shit an awful lot of the time).

And the news informs me that the African black rhino is officially extinct. That's really quite sad.

The house is finally taking shape. The bathroom and kitchen are painted, the floors are in, and the bathroom is being plumbed in on saturday (and possibly the kitchen, I'm not sure exactly the details on that). My bedroom is still only half stripped, but it's getting there, and soon I will be able to start moving my stuff back in. Which will be nice.

I should probably go and get ready for work. Joy.