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I actually put socks on to eat dinner. This may not seem like a thing, but I HATE wearing socks (and shoes, but people look at me funny when I go out without shoes, and yes, I did end up walking round work without shoes on, but that was a dire circumstance and I really shouldn't repeat it). But mostly I wore socks because it was cold. I haven't had them on all day which has been great, but its suddenly gone really cold, and I was wandering about in the kitchen which has tiled floor, so, socks.

Um, I had something else I was going to say. Fuck knows what.

So apparently there was Yuletide and fic and stuff? I don't know. I failed at having time this year, which made me sad, but I wasn't wandering around in a flail, so it's probably for the best (and given the events of december, I would have ended up defaulting anyway).

Why does Steven Erikson not like happy things to happen to his characters? I was all happy that characters I liked were doing stuff, and then I remembered that if they're doing stuff, it will probably not work out in the way that they were intending, and then they'll be maimed or miserable or dead. Or possibly dead and miserable. Or something.
I really should read the next GRRMartin at some point. I just sort of lack for interest or caring about the characters anymore (I may have made that complaint before).

I really need to stop forgetting about my glasses. They kind of make the whole 'seeing things' thing a lot easier.

Nope, I still have no idea what I was going to post about.

Tomorrow we have a house inspection, dad and I have to return work surfaces to Ikea and I need to find some new shirts, because I'm going through a phase of wanting to wear rugby shirts, but the only one I have tends to result in taking flack (its a very old Saints shirt) so I want some plain ones. And some new t-shirts. And jeans. I really need a whole new wardrobe but I lack for money and space at the moment. Oh well.


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