Dec. 14th, 2012 02:18 pm
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Term is finally over. I have a staff meeting of joy on tuesday next week, but other than that I'm done until January 7th. I have 2 lectures of notes to type up, and then I can relax. Well, relax and panic over my Yuletide fic which is still in very flimsy note form.

I have a plan for the weekend which probably won't survive the hideous cold I have, but maybe writing it down will inspire me to stick to it.

Tonight I go and game the game of the wolfy. Our werewolf game, which is a farce at the best of times thanks to the makeup of our group IC - we have 2 werewolves, a Nuwisha, an Ananasi and a Bastet. We're hopefully about to gain another werewolf, but they're going to be a first time changer (and a first time gamer) and one of our wolves has been away for the last two sessions, so is currently err, probably trying to regain gnosis. Or sulking at his lack of technology.
I'll crash there tonight, and tomorrow will flee Bletchley without touching MK. Head home and get notes typed up for the last two lectures, and then maybe try and create something from nothing for Yuletide. I'd rather not default, but its been a few years since I've written anything fannish, and it apparently isn't just like riding a bike.
On sunday, which is dad's birthday, I will probably not see him, but my plan is to read Cold Days, which has been sat there waiting to be read for about 2 weeks, and I've just not had the time to just sit and read. Which sucks.
And then on monday I shall go and see The Hobbit. Which means I shall mostly also be avoiding the internet for the weekend. I've already had one hilarious text from Helen about it, something that she felt that she had to share, but other than that, I am unspoilered.

And now I am going to go and have a shower, in the vain attempt to batter some of the crud sitting in my lungs lose, and also wash my hair without having to dangle my head upside down. And then to MK. In the cold and the wet.

But I shall remain joyous, as term is fucking OVER.


May. 11th, 2011 03:01 pm
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So monday evening my phone broke for no apparent reason. Or rather, the line broke. It is now thankfully fixed, but ugh, the suckage of having to stay in all day for a tech window between 12 and 4. Grr.

Also, at LARP last weekend I apparently was tasty tasty bug chow (this is a common thing) and one side of my face, and my hip are covered in bug bites. I also have one on the back of my neck/shoulders, right where I can't quite reach it.
And my sun burn is peeling.

Woo, and yay.

Need to finish working out what I'm doing in the Unknown Armies game, as I have many fun and hilarious possibilities, but I'm not sure which to go for.
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Not dead. Mostly. Work is eating up a lot of time, plus gaming, and gearing up for the LARP season again. Why does it always come around again so fast? This year has involved some very heated discussions, and some things that may go down like a sack of bricks. But hey. It's for the good of the club.

In other news Northampton's old age pensioners get in on the vigilante action. Little old lady (with a mean handbag swing) is currently being hailed as my town's hero after she beat up some jewelery store robbers. I'm fairly sure that store has been robbed more in the last year than really makes it worth existing. It always seems to have a window boarded up when I go past it.

Hmm, what else is happening? I'm trying to do this whole 'being a grown up' thing, with varying levels of success. I'm remembering to eat meals, and I'm mostly keeping on top of the washing up. But that's about it. The house looks like a tornado has gone through it, and most of my clean laundry is still sitting on one of the living room chairs because I keep forgetting to take it upstairs. And I have people coming over in a couple of weeks, and not much time to get it sorted by.

My Unknown Armies game is going well, apart from the player who seemed to ignore the whole "you will have encountered the occult at some point prior to the game start" and is acting like this is all completely new to her. It's irksome as it's making her really hard to integrate into the plot (she's also the only non-magical member of the party, the rest of them being Adepts or Avatars). Plot is finally starting to unwind, and they're putting things together, and next week, they're going to Newcastle. Either to find stuff out or get eaten. It depends.

Now, to get on with work, or to try and make some attempt at cleaning. And shifting furniture around...
... or to make tea.
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Woohoo! I had a nice new year drinking sily cocktails and playing Warhammer Quest with my boyfriend and two of his housemates, following an amazing gigglefit that made me mostly want to sleep. I made it to midnight, didn't send too many annoying texts, and on New Years Day, me and Dave just made it to Wetherspoons in time for uber breakfast of humungouness. There was a lot of food. But we were hungry.

In 2010, I did a lot of stuff.
I had a job when I started the year, and I had a job when I finished the year. They might be different jobs, but I only spent 2 months unemployed, and I am significantly happier at my current place of work than I was at Geismar.
I had a boyfriend! I still have a boyfriend!
I haven't burned my house down! I still manage to live on my own without destroying things! I have had people over for dinner! I even remember to pay bills mostly on time.
I LARPed! I always LARP, but I bought more kit, and I ran a lot of events, and I played at the other system I go to.
I started running a tabletop campaign! I have always said I would never do this. I'm not a massive fan of tabletop gaming, but I found a system that I liked, and Dave made puppy eyes at me, so we have commenced on the most slap dash Unknown Armies game ever, and I continue to not have a clue what I'm doing.
I read quite a bit... but I'll get to that in a minute.
I sort of moved from LJ to DW, but only sort of, cos I still cross post.
I started baking. And suceeded at baking.
I watched a lot of films. I can't remember which ones though, because I forget to write them down. I know I saw Iron Man 2, and Inception (which I went to see on my own because no one else wanted to see it) and Legion (which I saw with Royce because Dave pulled a funny face when I suggested it), The A-Team, and The Losers, and a bunch of other stuff through my LoveFilm subscription, but my memory really does suck at times.
I watched a lot of crap TV. And good TV.
I continued to get on with Kay, and my step siblings (although in their case it's mostly down to never seeing them).

And I think that's about it.

Books I read in 2010 )
I only read 50 books this year, which is a lot less than previous years, but I've read more novels and non-fiction, and a lot less comics, mostly because I don't have the time to sit in front of the computer and read the .cbr collections, which is what I've tended to do in years past.
My to read list for 2011 is ridiculous, and likely to only get worse. My bookshelves are overflowing, and the library is suddenly an attractive prospect again. My Amazon wishlist is huge, mostly with Young Adult fiction, and my reading time is sadly reduced due to work.

And this is a huge long post, which I didn't intend it to be. Oops.

Life is...

Dec. 11th, 2010 04:06 pm
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actually not that bad.
I have potato, carrot and leek soup on the go, I have an idea for my Yuletide fic (and am almost done reviewing the source material), I've started my present shopping, and term finishes next week.
The break will be very welcome.

Last weekend (in which chez Beth was descended upon by LARPers) went ok. I made awesome cake and cookies and I think people had fun.

Work is tiring and a little bit irritating at the moment. And I've found out that the two lecturers who I actually like are going on sabbatical next term.

The Unknown Armies game I'm running is going quite well, and plot is slowly starting to happen.

Other than that, I'm pondering what to do for christmas day itself, and slowly undigging myself from the pile of work that I let accumulate.

I accept

Sep. 9th, 2010 04:41 pm
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that right now, I should be grating cheese to put on top of my tuna pasta bake, so I can eat in time for my driving lesson. However, I am knackered. So I will do it in a minute. I just slept for most of the afternoon, which is a very not me kind of thing to do, as I don't like day time naps. I sat down after lunch to read, read a hundred pages or so and then zonked out. Next thing I know it's nearly 4 and next doors kids are shouting outside the window.

D&D waffling )

While we were waiting around for the rest of the gaming group to show up last night, it was bought to my attention that I'm going to have three wannabe Knights of the Cross (a la Dresden Files) knocking around when I run Unknown Armies. Maybe. Telling them that it wouldn't bloody fit was met with mock sulking and a refusal of ice cream.

And this morning I witnessed yet another act of bitchdom that makes me remember why I will always try to be nice to the people behind the counter at the coffee shop, even when it's early and I haven't had any tea yet. The whole till system was down, so one of the girls was having write down everything that was bought, and how much it cost by hand, and the woman in front of me was getting really shitty that they wouldn't give her her usual discount because they had no till to register it. The urge to slap her over priviliged ass was strong. It really wasn't their fault, and if she was that desperate for her 30p discount then she could have gone to the Pumpkin store rather than Costa, since they had working tills and shit.

Right, cheese grating. And eating. And then driving lesson (oh joy).


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