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Work got done (although I still need to email it), sleep was had, words were written of Yuletide (but I am still engaging in that terrible feeling of BEARS) and I have sort of started to win the war against the lurg.

I have also seen the Hobbit. Helen and I have squeed over it, I have had thinky thoughts over one of the most insignificant parts of it, and while it wasn't the film I necessarily wanted of the book, I enjoyed it. Mostly I took from it this - since when were Dwarves sexy? (I blame Richard Armitage).

I have a staff meeting from hell tomorrow, which is prefaced by a pre-meeting meeting because my department is made of drama-llamas of the highest fucking degree. If I could, I would go in armour, sadly, I don't think that would go down too well. Nor would weaponry.

I should be in bed, but my throat is annoying me and I want to finish my tea. I also failed at dinner today; I got pie filling out the freezer, bought pastry on my way home from the cinema and then found when I got home that the 'chiller cabinet' in the co-op is actually the freezer, and my pastry was rock solid. So I had cheesey chips. Which was not the tasty chicken and mushroom pasty and veg that I wanted.

Right, bed, for I need to get up early and read the stuff I should have read for the meeting and then go to the meeting and not maim anyone.
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I... overslept and refused to get out of bed safe in the knowledge that the student I was supposed to support wasn't showing up first thing, but still, in the end, dragged myself to the bus stop so I would be in work, just on the off chance that the office told me to go anyway (they didn't, they called me in to swap my thursday sessions over this week, so I have to go to Moulton College). The bus was late, and full of people, and the university is full of people with too many germs.
I sat through 2 human resources lectures without killing myself with my pen, avoided the person who I made a social faux pas at at the weekend while photocopying shit hastily between lectures and then ran to an occupational psychology lecture in which I once again did not stab myself with a pen out of boredom.
I spent more time in the office, which was fun as ever, and then went back to more psychology (for some reason they seem to like putting me in psychology lectures... I hate psychology) and learned all about family conflicts in relation to evolutionary psychology. Then I fucked off home, only to remember that I hadn't got anything out the freezer for dinner.
The ready meal spinach and ricotta canelloni was not impressive. But it was food, and it meant I didn't have to leave the house again.

This evening I have watched a couple more episodes of Arrow, which is, yeah. I dunno. I think I'm actually enjoying it. I might even poke at the fandom for it. Maybe. Fandom terrifies me these days.
I typed up some notes, I poked tumblr, I bemoaned the lack of boyfriend fit jeans which no longer seem to exist anywhere for less that about £35, which sucks, as I refuse to pay that much for jeans when they're probably going to fall apart.
I really need to repaint my nails (they're really dark green at the moment, but they're really badly chipped and it's now annoying me) but I can't be arsed tonight.

I have a spot on the bridge of my nose right where my glasses sit and it is really starting to hurt.

I should probably go to bed. I'm nursing Toll the Hounds for as long as I can. 70 pages left to go. I could finish it tonight if I really tried, but I think I'd maybe like to sleep. It's been long enough since I read Gardens of the Moon that I really feel like I ought to start all over again. But I think I'll finish the series first, and then read other shit for a while. And then do that. (Oh god my to read pile is ridiculous at the moment)

And now bed. Where it is warm.

Also, I woke up with Elvis Costello's Veronica stuck in my head this morning, and I have no idea why, as it isn't on my iPod, and I haven't had the radio on in ages.

So, life

Nov. 18th, 2012 12:24 pm
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The last few weeks have been a bit odd. Not always in a bad way, I've just not really had time for much, and my mind has been kind of wonky anyway. But I'm hoping things are now on the upswing.
Dave and I split up, which is nowhere near as terrible as people seem to think. It was mutual, and it's a bit weird, but it happens.
Work is hell at the moment.
The house is still a state, but it's getting there. I'm finally managing to get on top of keeping it tidy thanks to Unfuck Your Habitat, which is awesome. The bathroom is almost finished and we have stuff to start wallpapering and plastering my room and then repainting. It'll get there.
Money is tight, but it always is this time of year. It's one of the downfalls of not working over the summer.

The LARP season is over and we're onto system updates (new spells in, checking things are right in the manual, making sure characters are up to date, playing with some of the new setting stuff) and I'm actually itching for it to be next year already. Not just for PLARP, but for other bits and pieces.

I'm almost finished Toll the Hounds. I really haven't read as much as I would have liked this year. I set out with the goal of 60 books but have had to be sensible and cut that back to 50. I haven't been reading a lot of comics this year, which is possibly part of the reason the number is so low (I usually only read trades paperbacks, which totally count) and work is so manic that I barely have a lunch break to read in most days.
Work is doing a number on my back and shoulders and hand thanks to stupid chairs, a lack of tables in half the rooms I work in and the belief that I can sit and write for 4 hours straight (I put my foot down and refused to work more than 4 hours in a row, they weren't happy with me, but with the amount of typing I also have to do for work, I'm just waiting for the wrist and hand issues to start up).

I am doing NaNo this year, although I'm horribly behind. Mostly due to the lack of lunch breaks and the fact that I get in and it's all I can do to check e-mail, blogs and such and eat dinner before I pass out. The write ins at MK library have been godsends of a weekend, and when I do manage to write, the plot is churning out fairly easily. It's just finding the time.

Anyway, today is a beautiful crisp clear cold day, I had a nice lie in after staying up too late last night reading (and after stomping home from the train station because I made a social interaction fuck up (at least in my head, the other person quite possibly didn't even notice) which made me sulk, and my bag came undone halfway home and I didn't notice, but thankfully I didn't lose anything (although I thought I had lost Pygmy-Pygmy my tiny plushie dinosaur)) and now I'm pottering around the house tidying things up, doing odd bits of work typing and doing the odd bit of NaNo. I need to go and buy veg for dinner, and I might go for a walk later, but all in all, today is ok.
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Mushroom soup with ginger

150g finely chopped onions
25g finely chopped root ginger
25g butter
7.5ml/1.5 tbsp olive oil
1kg halved and quartered mushrooms
1 litre hot vegetable stock
150ml creme fraiche
30ml tomato puree

(I used absolutely bog standard supermarket economy closed cup mushrooms and a few flat mushrooms, and it tasted great. Using nicer quality or differenly flavoured mushrooms may well be a good thing.)

1. Fry the onions and the ginger in the oil and butter until they are pale golden brown
2. Add the mushrooms to the pan and fry for about 7 minutes, stirring frequently.
3. Add the stock, bring to the boil and simmer for 7 minutes.
4. Leave to cool until lukewarm.
5. Blend in 2 or 3 batches until smooth and transfer to a clean pan.
6. add the creme fraiche and the tomato puree, reheating gently without boiling, stirring from time to time.
7. Serve hot.

I split it into batches and froze it. It defrosts a little weirdly, in that it does separate, but slow reheating on the hob seems to fix this.
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I've just had the new timetable of students I'm (allegedly) supporting. Which include 6 hours at a campus that I physically can't get to in the time allotted, but which I've been told is only a penciling in and not to actually bother.
Half the module codes don't seem to exist on the system, and those that do are, um, thrilling. Lots of Human Resource Management and first year English. I have 2 continuing students, rather than the 3 I was expecting (whether that's down to one of them not carrying on, or if it's just a case of timetabling, I don't know) and one student who I know is going to be interesting.
The student I've had through freshers week has been nice, although it's been slightly awkward for various reasons. One more hour (possibly 2) tomorrow and then I won't see her again. Although her lecturer keeps wittering about her needing support all the time, but that's between her and the office, I don't know the ways of the timetabling.
I've also got a module that I am slightly worried is very practical work based, and it involves something I know nothing about.

Hmmm, today has been a sort of day off, and I've been stupidly productive. I've emptied the hoover, hoovered downstairs, organised the shoe pile, taken a load of stuff upstairs, made mushroom and ginger soup to freeze, walked to and from Morissons, taken stuff up to the charity shop after I finished clearing out my wardrobe, done 2 loads of laundry, 2 loads of washing up (and put both away), remembered both breakfast and lunch and I am pondering making brownies.
So yes, productivity win.

I also sort of destroyed another pair of jeans (wear on the inner thigh, which is how all my jeans die) which is a wee bit annoying as they were basically the only pair I had that fitted me. I need to lose weight, and in the mean time, find another pair of nice jeans.

What I haven't done much of recently is writing. I'm percolating ideas for NaNo, and I have one more adventure to write for PLARP this year, but everything else is a bit vague. I have ideas, but nothing very concrete.


Jun. 25th, 2012 09:11 pm
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Today I made cake and drank cider. I wish I could say that actually there was more to it than that, but really, it is about it. I made a cake which I now don't want to eat (it was a test cake) and had cider with my dinner. And did some washing up.

Dave is telling me that I should have worked out what I was doing at Odyssey before I booked. I know what I'm doing; ignoring the fact that I really shouldn't fight this event and living in the hope that there can be some kind of emergency armour purchasing. I got paid today, it's fine.
It doesn't help that Panga has broken and may not be functioning in time to get us to the event. This will make things awkward to say the least. Dad should know by tomorrow what the state of play is.

Umm, yeah. I think I'm going to go and read or something. Or play Diablo II. And mostly not think about the state of the kitchen. Oops.

And I forgot I'd started to write this. Oops.
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I made frog cookies the other week, and I plan to make more, but here is the recipe, because they were pretty tasty.

Lemon and lime frog cookies )

Obviously they're only frog cookies if you use a frog cutter like I did, and I didn't bother with the icing, but they were tasty.
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I'm hungry again. In fairness, I haven't had any breakfast (apart from a cup of tea) and dinner was a long time ago. There is however, no food that I want to eat in the house. I'm used to there being loads of leftovers after xmas, but since dad and Kay didn't do xmas dinner, there aren't any leftovers. There are also no seasonal boxes of biscuits, satsumas or mince pies. Kay's one of those people who barely eats anything, and while I'm here I'm expected to follow suit. It's not really working.

I'm also supposed to be tidying my room, as they have a house inspection tomorrow. This is a pain in the arse as I don't have anywhere near enough room for my stuff (and this is after I cleared a load out) so it's all getting shoved into drawers and I'm getting sick of it.

Blah. I should go and dry my hair and check on my laundry and try and find some food that doesn't involve having to go out and use up petrol to get.
And I should probably pull all the xmas music off my iPod and sync it up.
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Well I'm not wanting to maim anyone who comes near me now, although I'm still not fond of people in general. We'll see how this goes.

Possibly I'm coming down with some kind of plague, which displeases me greatly.

My Ladies Big Bang project is really badly stalled, because none of the music I keep finding works for what I want it to do.

And all the writing I've been doing recently seems to hinge on identity issues. Which is, possibly, either very much saying things about where my brain is at the moment, or just there to irritate me.
I did manage to get some editing done yesterday, which was marginally useful at least. One day, something I've produced might actually be publishable (this is unlikely, I hate everything I've ever written and would rather keep it buried than ever actually show anyone).

My twitter feed is full of my workplace retweeting students who will be joining in a week or so, and they're all so, ah, interesting. (I have opinions about my workplace, they don't get vented in public)

(there was a rant here about not transposing modern expectations of race/gender/sexuality onto pre-20th century texts. I deleted for fear of being jumped all over)

I'm going to go and have lunch now, then off to MK. Oh the joy.
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And god is it boring. This morning I've filled 2 boxes and packed my sewing machine away. I have more to do, and I think dad wants me to do a tip run before I go gaming tonight. I may just shove it in the car and do it in the morning.

I just made double chocolate muffins, and they are excellent. Definitely better warm, when they're still slightly gooey in the middle, and the white chocolate lumps are still melty. Omnom.

I really wish that we would have a thunder storm. The pressure and humidity are building and building, and then it'll drizzle a bit, but not actually storm, and it's doing my head in (literally, I spent most of yesterday with a killer headache that painkillers were not touching), and while I'm enjoying the heat, everyone else I know is complaining bitterly. I know an awful lot of nocturnal, sun hating people.

I found a bunch of old photos of mum earlier, from before she got married, and the day of the wedding. She was really quite a stunning looking woman (and the photos with my dad in, with an uber-bushy beard are hilarious).

And now I should be back to the packing. If I've not made visible headway, there will be trouble.