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Not this time, the 2am time where I was still awake this morning. And yet I was up and about by 10. I'm not really sure what's going on. There was a girl crying on my front garden wall, which was awkward when I opened the curtains. I was going to go and see if she was ok, but she wandered off. I think she's the girlfriend of someone in the halfway house up the road, and I try to avoid them as much as possible. They're not a nice lot (I'm fairly sure I've seen her have a screaming match in the street before).

I took a lump out of my hand yesterday on a shopping basket in Sainsbury's, and its in a really awkward place. I've put a plaster on it, but obviously I have to keep bending my hand, so that's getting in the way, and I need to wash my hair and wash up and do stuff, so that plaster ain't staying put.

I'm poking at fanmixes again. Oops. And I'm finding that my brain is, apparently, in sync with fandom in certain song choices. Balls.

I spent most of yesterday evening reading through my 'writing' folder. There's some really good stuff in there that will never be any use, because it's either really obvious fanfic that I'm never going to finish, and so will never post, or it's Nerys AU, which is just my brain throwing out rubbish. The scene where they find Thomas' body will never not hurt, and the weird discussion of the relationship between Thomas, Daryn and Nerys is my favourite everywhere. Odd little bits occasionally fall into Pathfinder, but not that much, because the world's are too different.
I found some old things that are weird and I have no idea what they're about, and I'm not sure if I want to do something with them or not (there's what looks like something that should be Robin of Sherwood fic, in which Robin is err, not the nice person he is assumed to be, and Herne becomes something much darker).

Right, more tea, clothes, and then possibly getting on with some of that shit that I was supposed to do yesterday. And work out what I'm going to make into lunches for the week.
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Medium: Television
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Dean and his relationship with the angels
Title: All my Bridges have been burned
Warnings: Um, spoilery if you haven't seen up to season 6 I guess. Nothing beyond that.
Notes: This has been sat on my computer for ages. And I had it all set up and ready to go and then my computer died and I lost all my playlists, and then I couldn't be bothered to remake it for ages. This probably isn't the same mix that it would have been if I'd posted it a year ago. Who knows. Needless to say I got fed-up of trying to make the cover art, which is why it sucks. There's also no commentary on any of the tracks right now.
I'm afraid there's no zip file because, well, there isn't. There might be one at the weekend, if I have a chance.

That's exactly how this grace thing works )
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And it didn't involve losing an hour of my life to trying to make the cover art for a fanmix. The art sucks, but I just want the damn thing done and over with, because it's been sitting on my computer for months.
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Ok, so I've been fairly out of fandom for a while, so I think most of these links are going to go to Tumblr where I've been lurking recently.

House of Durin fanart of adorableness.

House of Durin adorableness fic (are we seeing a theme here?)

The Joy of the Internet Older True Blood fic which is both excellent and hilarious.
Pam is tired of having to deal with Eric and Godric acting like lovesick teenagers.

Blame the Planet which is The Authority fic, written for me for this year's Yuletide, and involves the planet making them do it. Which is perfectly normal, of course. (you may need to be logged in to read this)
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Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I hate reccing my own stuff, and I've barely produced anything in the last year or so, but here goes...

Run Over With Mercy, which was this year's Yuletide piece. I'd never written in The Listener fandom, and it terrified me a little, but I'm really happy with how the piece feels, and yes, there is a fair amount of me in it (sudden deaths are something I'm familiar with, Toby's grief is possibly a little too close to my own in places). It's a topic that the series just glossed over, and I will confess that did kind of piss me off.

The Hunter to the Hunted, which was also a Yuletide prompt, several years ago. I love Robin of Sherwood (to the point where I have a quote tattooed on my wrist) and I love the legend of the Wild Hunt, and for all that the series did some really weird things with what Herne was (please, do not get me started), I like the idea that the two could be linked, and ran with it. I honestly can't actually remember what the original request was, but that I managed to get a creepy atmosphere.

The Welcome Hearth is Supernatural fluff in which I get to moon over Dean and Castiel, and then get jossed by the show, utterly.

For a Finer World (part 2) is an Authority fanmix (part 1 is linked in the post) that became a sprawling mess of my love for those stupid comics. My music taste is random, but hey.

And LJ is being an arse, so I won't try and link to anything else.


Dec. 15th, 2012 08:35 pm
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God I feel like shit. Bad night's sleep and a resurgence of plague that has had me wobbly all day.

I made it home and got the work I wanted to get done done, and I've watched an awful lot of Bubblegum Crisis and related media; the last disc of original BGC, Bubblegum Crash, which I haven't seen in years, and the original AD Police series, which I've never seen. I still have the new AD Police series to watch (but I need to plug my other DVD player in for that as my TV is the wrong region) BGC 2040 (which I have seen many times) and Parasite Dolls. It is good. Well, it's pleasant, although dear god the original ADP series is misogynistic. Very of its time, and not always in a good way.
I was also amused to see the bit that had me going "Tony Stark has a motoslave!" when I saw the Avengers in the summer (and there is a terrifying crossover prospect).

I am however now drowning in snot. It probably wouldn't be so bad, but I decided that I wanted icecream, and that never mixes well with colds.

I have actual words for my Yuletide fic. I'm not sure if they're good words, but that they exist is making me feel slightly better. Once again I appear to be doing an episode tag, but it fits with the request, and I'm not up to huge sprawling plots right now.

I also now have a steaming headache, so I think I'm going to go and hide in bed with the end of the book I'm currently reading (Glen Duncan's The Last Werewolf, which I'm still not sure if I'm enjoying, despite being 200 pages in) and a hot water bottle and hope that I can get some sleep and be human in some way tomorrow. I'm not holding out huge hope, but all I have planned for tomorrow is reading, writing and trying to remember to eat food (and hoping I don't have to leave the house for said food).

I have also apparently turned into someone who drinks Earl Grey. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I'm scared.
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I really ought to be reviewing my source material for Yuletide (again, the first attempt lasted about 200 words before I hated it to death) or finishing work. Or cleaning. God, why is there always so much cleaning to do?

Instead I'm sitting here bemoaning how fucking cold it is. Because it is, and I hate the cold.

I have no idea what I'm doing for christmas this year. I was angling to stay with dad and Kay, but I've just found out that my step-sister and her other half will be there, and I'm not sure I'm interested any more (not because I don't want to see her, we just have nothing in common apart from the marriage of our parents, and I don't really want to have to put up with her and her other half being couply because I am bitter and single, or something). I was pondering inviting people over to mine, but again I'm not sure if I want to. Hibernating could be a plan, but, blah. Christmas is weird for me.

I'm quite sad that Sir Patrick Moore has died. We were talking about him in the office the other day, wondering what had happened to him.

Fannish stuff, because I am never sure what is a spoiler or not )

That's probably about it for now. I need to get on with work, and try and figure out if taking the potatoes out the fridge now will warm them up at all before I peel them (I hate peeling cold spuds). And possibly find a blanket, as it is bastardingly cold and I can feel my shoulder start to tense up weirdly again.

Oh, and I won NaNo this year. Go me :D
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I... overslept and refused to get out of bed safe in the knowledge that the student I was supposed to support wasn't showing up first thing, but still, in the end, dragged myself to the bus stop so I would be in work, just on the off chance that the office told me to go anyway (they didn't, they called me in to swap my thursday sessions over this week, so I have to go to Moulton College). The bus was late, and full of people, and the university is full of people with too many germs.
I sat through 2 human resources lectures without killing myself with my pen, avoided the person who I made a social faux pas at at the weekend while photocopying shit hastily between lectures and then ran to an occupational psychology lecture in which I once again did not stab myself with a pen out of boredom.
I spent more time in the office, which was fun as ever, and then went back to more psychology (for some reason they seem to like putting me in psychology lectures... I hate psychology) and learned all about family conflicts in relation to evolutionary psychology. Then I fucked off home, only to remember that I hadn't got anything out the freezer for dinner.
The ready meal spinach and ricotta canelloni was not impressive. But it was food, and it meant I didn't have to leave the house again.

This evening I have watched a couple more episodes of Arrow, which is, yeah. I dunno. I think I'm actually enjoying it. I might even poke at the fandom for it. Maybe. Fandom terrifies me these days.
I typed up some notes, I poked tumblr, I bemoaned the lack of boyfriend fit jeans which no longer seem to exist anywhere for less that about £35, which sucks, as I refuse to pay that much for jeans when they're probably going to fall apart.
I really need to repaint my nails (they're really dark green at the moment, but they're really badly chipped and it's now annoying me) but I can't be arsed tonight.

I have a spot on the bridge of my nose right where my glasses sit and it is really starting to hurt.

I should probably go to bed. I'm nursing Toll the Hounds for as long as I can. 70 pages left to go. I could finish it tonight if I really tried, but I think I'd maybe like to sleep. It's been long enough since I read Gardens of the Moon that I really feel like I ought to start all over again. But I think I'll finish the series first, and then read other shit for a while. And then do that. (Oh god my to read pile is ridiculous at the moment)

And now bed. Where it is warm.

Also, I woke up with Elvis Costello's Veronica stuck in my head this morning, and I have no idea why, as it isn't on my iPod, and I haven't had the radio on in ages.
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I actually put socks on to eat dinner. This may not seem like a thing, but I HATE wearing socks (and shoes, but people look at me funny when I go out without shoes, and yes, I did end up walking round work without shoes on, but that was a dire circumstance and I really shouldn't repeat it). But mostly I wore socks because it was cold. I haven't had them on all day which has been great, but its suddenly gone really cold, and I was wandering about in the kitchen which has tiled floor, so, socks.

Um, I had something else I was going to say. Fuck knows what.

So apparently there was Yuletide and fic and stuff? I don't know. I failed at having time this year, which made me sad, but I wasn't wandering around in a flail, so it's probably for the best (and given the events of december, I would have ended up defaulting anyway).

Why does Steven Erikson not like happy things to happen to his characters? I was all happy that characters I liked were doing stuff, and then I remembered that if they're doing stuff, it will probably not work out in the way that they were intending, and then they'll be maimed or miserable or dead. Or possibly dead and miserable. Or something.
I really should read the next GRRMartin at some point. I just sort of lack for interest or caring about the characters anymore (I may have made that complaint before).

I really need to stop forgetting about my glasses. They kind of make the whole 'seeing things' thing a lot easier.

Nope, I still have no idea what I was going to post about.

Tomorrow we have a house inspection, dad and I have to return work surfaces to Ikea and I need to find some new shirts, because I'm going through a phase of wanting to wear rugby shirts, but the only one I have tends to result in taking flack (its a very old Saints shirt) so I want some plain ones. And some new t-shirts. And jeans. I really need a whole new wardrobe but I lack for money and space at the moment. Oh well.
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I'm in that irritating phase of listening to a mix over and over again to make sure that it all hangs together right before I post it. It's annoying. And lets not mention the fact that I've still got to cobble some kind of cover together on a laptop that doesn't like photoshop one bit.

Still going crazy living out in the sticks, and going through a serious case of the blah in relation to pretty much everything. I'm avoiding people, not doing much and generally wallowing in my own fucking misery. Which I hate, but I don't want anyone to try and pull me out of it because that gets me pissy like nobodys business.

And random people who I've never met adding me on facebook. No thanks mate, you look like a right chav and can't spell. Bad enough the people I do know who seem to be completely incapable of using non text speak on there.


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