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Sep. 9th, 2010 04:41 pm
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that right now, I should be grating cheese to put on top of my tuna pasta bake, so I can eat in time for my driving lesson. However, I am knackered. So I will do it in a minute. I just slept for most of the afternoon, which is a very not me kind of thing to do, as I don't like day time naps. I sat down after lunch to read, read a hundred pages or so and then zonked out. Next thing I know it's nearly 4 and next doors kids are shouting outside the window.

D&D waffling )

While we were waiting around for the rest of the gaming group to show up last night, it was bought to my attention that I'm going to have three wannabe Knights of the Cross (a la Dresden Files) knocking around when I run Unknown Armies. Maybe. Telling them that it wouldn't bloody fit was met with mock sulking and a refusal of ice cream.

And this morning I witnessed yet another act of bitchdom that makes me remember why I will always try to be nice to the people behind the counter at the coffee shop, even when it's early and I haven't had any tea yet. The whole till system was down, so one of the girls was having write down everything that was bought, and how much it cost by hand, and the woman in front of me was getting really shitty that they wouldn't give her her usual discount because they had no till to register it. The urge to slap her over priviliged ass was strong. It really wasn't their fault, and if she was that desperate for her 30p discount then she could have gone to the Pumpkin store rather than Costa, since they had working tills and shit.

Right, cheese grating. And eating. And then driving lesson (oh joy).


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