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So a couple of days ago, I bought a dress, because I thought that I might have need for such a thing. It was a pretty dress, although dubious on its sizing, because I resent being told that I'm an extra large when I waver between a 14 and 16. But whatever.
I paid extra for it to turn up on time, and thankfully, it did. It showed up yesterday (irritatingly, while I was at the cinema, and we shall be thankful that this is a nice quiet village and that the front door is actually at the back of the house, because the package was left on the doorstep).
Anyway, I get home and open the package, and lo and behold, completely the wrong thing. Where I had ordered a black and red halterneck, this was a red and white strappy/strapless/halterneck thing, and while a nice dress, was the wrong colour for me, and not what I ordered. Cue a panic. Cue me trying to get hold of the people I bought it from, to no avail until lunchtime today.

So to cut a long story short, I have ended up buying the same dress twice (although one of those payments will be refunded) and it still may not turn up on time.

And this, kids, is why it pays to plan ahead.

And if it doesn't fit (I have concerns about my boobs and the chest of the dress) I will have something to slim down a bit into (I could do with toning up, not losing weight, just turning the podge into muscle) which will be an incentive.

So wrong dress is now winging its way home, new dress is in the process of being dispatched, and I am crossing every digit possible that it turns up.

In better news, I finally got round to seeing Green Lantern yesterday, and ok, it wasn't the best film in the whole world, but I still spent most of it making heart eyes at it, and it's probably a good thing I didn't go with Dave, as I was a very squee-y fangirl throughout.
I was also one third of the audience, the other two thirds of which I think may have been hobos sleeping. I'm not sure.
I still hate Hal Jordan though.


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