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Oct. 17th, 2015 12:26 am
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Is this thing on? I have no idea, it's been years, what the fuck am I doing back here? I've been blogging crafts over at Confessions of an Anonymous Blueberry for about a year now, which has been kind of cool. It's nice to be making stuff, it's nice to see a visible improvement of what I'm doing. My knitting tension still sucks and I'm still terrible at following instructions, but we're getting somewhere, and it's strangely therapeutic. I post way too many stupid photos over on Instagram as well.

Life is err, lifelike. I think. I was seeing a guy, it was good, it was casual, I fucked it up about a year ago and this afternoon panicked when I nearly ran into him in town. I miss the sex and having someone who would go to the pub and talk crap with me. I'm not convinced I miss the baggage that came with him.

I've barely written anything since last year (breakup occurred mid-NaNo, and if that doesn't fuck with the creative process, I'm not sure what does). I'm planning on doing NaNo this year to try and break the rut, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope.

Work sucks, more and more responsibility with no recognition and more chance of being thrown under the train (almost literally, fucking rail company) and no chance of a pay rise. I'd get out, but the pay is sadly high enough that I'm not going to find anything similar locally.

LARP is, err, LARP. Local LARP continues to be a minefield of people being dickheads and some lovely people. We've got a lot of people out with illness and injury this year, which has made it slow and frustrating, and we're down to very low numbers.
Crewing Empire is fun and the fact that people seem to think I'm competent continues to terrify me. My character died at Odyssey in a thoroughly stupid and Greek manner, and I'm planning the replacement (but only for two more events, and then it's all over! Nooooo!)

I'm thinking I'm going to try and keep this updated a bit more regularly. FB is fine for quick rants at people I know, and the blog is good for crafting, and Tumblr is cool for fandom (which I'm back to lurking in in the lurkiest way possible) but I vaguely miss DW/LJ and I'm going to be honest, I'm going through one of my massive down phases, so having somewhere to brain vomit might not be a bad thing.
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