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It's fairly safe to say that February is a shit month for me, for a multitude of reasons. This year, in all, hasn't actually been that bad, but apparently now, as I sit on the cusp of it turning to March, I have flipped from being relatively mellow to the desperate need to punch someone's face in. It totally makes sense (or not).

Work is hell, as evidenced by the fact that I got sent to Moulton campus for the afternoon today with about an hour's notice. I got lucky on the buses (but not so lucky that I bumped into current object of pointless lusting #1) and actually managed to get there in time. I sat through one lecture, had lunch, and then found that the second lecture had just vanished. No idea what happened there (there are a couple of theories, which suck for the student, but I really can't be bothered to complain as I still get paid and it meant I could get a sensible bus home instead of having to get the uni service to Park campus and then the bus from there home).

I have done approximately nothing this evening. I couldn't even be bothered to cook a proper dinner. I'm watching Being Human from the start (I tried watching it when it first started and could not get into it, apparently I have grown, or something, or I am just that fucking shallow...)
I'm also rationing myself on The Almighty Johnsons. I have 3 more episodes to watch, and while I am spoiled, I am unwilling to finish. Also the fact that I'm going to have to watch it on my computer as my TV has decided it doesn't like that file type or some such nonsense. The same goes for Game of Thrones. Ugh.

I have a desperate want to put together a new character for some sort of LARP. Actually, I just want to do costuming things, which is ridiculous. I want to make stuff, but I have so little time, and I am so drained by work at the moment that when I get in, the best I can do is make dinner and zone out in front of the TV or computer, which does my head in.

And that seems to be my life at the moment.

Go me.


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