Jan. 13th, 2013

anonymousblueberry: (Freya is broken)
Not this time, the 2am time where I was still awake this morning. And yet I was up and about by 10. I'm not really sure what's going on. There was a girl crying on my front garden wall, which was awkward when I opened the curtains. I was going to go and see if she was ok, but she wandered off. I think she's the girlfriend of someone in the halfway house up the road, and I try to avoid them as much as possible. They're not a nice lot (I'm fairly sure I've seen her have a screaming match in the street before).

I took a lump out of my hand yesterday on a shopping basket in Sainsbury's, and its in a really awkward place. I've put a plaster on it, but obviously I have to keep bending my hand, so that's getting in the way, and I need to wash my hair and wash up and do stuff, so that plaster ain't staying put.

I'm poking at fanmixes again. Oops. And I'm finding that my brain is, apparently, in sync with fandom in certain song choices. Balls.

I spent most of yesterday evening reading through my 'writing' folder. There's some really good stuff in there that will never be any use, because it's either really obvious fanfic that I'm never going to finish, and so will never post, or it's Nerys AU, which is just my brain throwing out rubbish. The scene where they find Thomas' body will never not hurt, and the weird discussion of the relationship between Thomas, Daryn and Nerys is my favourite everywhere. Odd little bits occasionally fall into Pathfinder, but not that much, because the world's are too different.
I found some old things that are weird and I have no idea what they're about, and I'm not sure if I want to do something with them or not (there's what looks like something that should be Robin of Sherwood fic, in which Robin is err, not the nice person he is assumed to be, and Herne becomes something much darker).

Right, more tea, clothes, and then possibly getting on with some of that shit that I was supposed to do yesterday. And work out what I'm going to make into lunches for the week.


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