Jan. 4th, 2013

Hey man...

Jan. 4th, 2013 02:10 pm
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I'm behind with things. I'm going to catch up with the Snowflake_challenge stuff tomorrow evening. I've managed a fair amount of house related productivity, a small amount of LARP related writing productivity and a big fat pile of nothing in terms of art (which is kind of annoying).

My dad's christmas present has finally turned up, and I'm now paranoid that it is (a) too small and (b) the wrong cut. It looked longer on the website, but given the amount of faff it's taken to get this far, I'm not sure I want to return it.

I've managed to free up the region on my new DVD/Blu-ray player (DVD region only) which is a bonus as I have a load of region 1 anime, and this way I don't have to keep my old DVD player (3 DVD players is a little redundant, I think). I bought and constructed a shoe rack (which really wasn't very hard) and now all my shoes are neat and tidy, and tomorrow I'll be off to Ikea for a new DVD unit, as my one is full. I'm not entirely sure where to put it, but I'll work that out when I get it home.

I've been trying to reconstruct my playlists on iTunes. I'd got them all nice on Pharangese at the start of last year, and then the harddrive fell over and I had to wipe everything, and the playlists were something that I couldn't recover. I'm getting there, but there were a couple that were almost ready for posting (barring art) that I've now found are still partially constructed, and I can't remember what changes I made. The full versions might be on Nene, but starting iTunes up on her is like wading through treacle (I love my fat cherry red netbook, but she's getting a bit old and possibly in a need of a system wipe).

I've also managed to get the number of tabs open in Firefox down, finally. Some I've just bookmarked (some were things for the snowflake posts, I'll open them up again when I need them), some I've read, some I've given up on.

I've had to list one of my pairs of Doc Martens on ebay, which sucks, but they're slightly too big for me, and the soles are really heavy and make my dodgy ankle really unhappy. Hopefully I'll get a decent amount for them.

Anyway, more washing up beckons, and then I should think about heading to the train station and beyond for gaming tonight. Which annoyingly means putting actual clothes on, rather than my scruffy full of holes jeans.


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